Guess this is where I put my explanation for leaving. I just don't feel it anymore. It's stressful to be on Tumblr, it's stressful to do drafts, it's stressful to just be in an environment like this, despite the amazing people I've met. Not only that, but I put so much work into everything I do for Mystique and at the end of the day, I'm just not.. content with Tumblr. I've been put through a lot -- emotional abuse from some rpers and being manipulated and creeped on ooc, but there's also been some really cool people I've met, and would love to keep in contact with outside of Tumblr, because I just can't do it anymore. And on top of putting so much work into her, I've had money problems for a while, Many know about my car issue's and soon to be college debt, so I've been thinking about taking on two jobs at the same time, and so it would only add more stress onto the stress that's already there, and I refuse to deal with it. Something's gotta give, and it's gotta be roleplaying. Here's my Facebook link. You guys can add me ( Just tell me you're adding me in a message or something, so I know who you are lol ) and I don't have a personal blog. Feel free to ask me questions, but after a certain time frame, I won't be popping on here anymore. Sorry, guys.

I'd love to list some of the wonderful roleplayers who have really made my experience on Tumblr worthwhile; anyilherron. notatherapist. widowbite. theselfmadehero. wandaawilson. actslikeeverybodysdad. southern-belle-outcast. xknivesandlint. appearingwherever. little-snikt. kid-omega. symbiotesoldier. hawksvane. letmebebetter. queenofplants. thesoutherntouch. callmeselina. and there's so many more I didn't get the chance to write with, but I wish I did. I would also like to apologize about all the threads I'm dropping by leaving ( mostly for Anyil and Vance ). I really, genuinely wish I could finish them with you, but I don't have the muse or time for it. I am really sorry. But if it's any consolation, you two are my favorite OC's and I love Anyil and Vance.

( Also -- quick note to other Mystique's. It would be mucho appreciated if you didn't take my icons or any edits that are mine and if you see people stealing from me in any way, shape, or form, it would also be mucho appreciated if you told them to stop. )