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Songs for TMNT 2003

Hey Brother - Avicii

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hey dear I just wanted you to know that you are in no way useless. You're an absolute sweet heart and I don't want you ever to feel like you're nothing. We just started writing together and besides being a wonderful writer you've just been so kind. So please don't ever feel useless because honestly, you are so wonderful and only deserve the very best <3

(( this made me feel 10x better. thank you so much, love ))

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☠ - Blood on My Name


     "It’s the life I’ve got, might as well live with it. Natasha enjoyed the playfulness the two of them could dive in at any chance, but also the freedom to bring into the conversations some more intimate and even hurtful subjects. It was a mutual agreement of sorts, they understood how the other worked based on their similarities, but gave the other space to deal with what made them different from the rest of the world, and from each other.The Red Queens, cutting heads and breaking chains, has a good ring to it.

     Natasha heard the woman’s words attentively and ended up smiling at her,We’re forces to be reckoned with, people don’t like to worry. Once you take away a person’s right to be ignorant of the world that surrounds them they will fight back, it’s human nature.” There was something about people and their freedom and the lengths they went to to keep it as close and closed as possible. 

     "They like to judge those who live with ledgers like ours, yet they know nothing of what we lost to live. They forget our humanity because we have killed. Semantics matters when it’s the difference between killer and murderer, don’t you think? Natasha drew circles with her index finger in the white thin sheets, engulfed in her own speech with images dancing in her mind.I’ve been faced with situations where that line gets too thin, too breakable, and two seconds decisions have such a high percentage of wrong that I wonder how often do I choose the right one.


      Mystique was practically hanging on Natasha’s words when she spoke about the Red Queens —- — it intrigued her, made her want to actually live out the fantasy the other redhead put in her mind. It was a brilliant concept and idea that made the blue mutant smirk. 
      ❝ The Red Queens.. Sitting on thrones, watching the world burn while they ask for our forgiveness —- ask for our help. I like it far too much, Natasha.
      Her tone was devious and dark as she peered at her, hoping that she’d be the first to insist they actually do something about the title.

      All that matters is the fact you make those decisions. Some people don’t, and that’s what makes the world a horrible place to live. ❞
      Watching the circles Natasha mindlessly made with her finger, she rested her eyes, the yellow glow disappearing behind the blue eyelids. Laying her head on the pillow, she was still awake, but dancing on the line of sleep and being awake. The only thing that kept her awake was Natasha’s voice.

      ❝ You’re not as bad as I thought you were going to be. ❞ 

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"Agree to disagree- Unless…


Are you saying you like me?

If I didn’t like you,
   do you think I would be around you voluntarily? ❞

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You already know,
   therefore you are involved. ❞

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"You act as if it’s the end of the world."


"You let your heart do the thinking for you. That leads to trouble, my dear. It always does. Why do you think the world is always at war? Thinking with the heart, not the mind. Of course, there are exceptions. Besides, I should thank you. Without you, I wouldn’t be here today.”

You should be thanking Kurt. If it were up to me whether or not you were here, I think —- — I hope you would know what my choice would be. ❞

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"First off, I’m sure there are a lot of men who have their mind in the gutter when it comes to you." Still, no clue who she was, but it wouldn’t stop him from complimenting a lady. "Second, I have a feeling that file includes the words ‘Hero complex’, ‘one of the most intelligent idiots ever’, and ‘an almost beyond healthy obsession with karaoke’." And now he’s just going to throw in a grin just because he’s feeling Tony Stark levels of snark.

I don’t recall reading any of those phrases. Even the most superb agent will have negative details on their file.
Mystique was slightly disgusted at him, but refrained from saying anything that implied that. Instead, she simply narrowed her eyes. She couldn’t help but wonder that, if after their little discussion, he was going to check with someone about his file, or get it so he could read it over. Of course, though, some details might need clearance.

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18th Century - Austria


The thin young man bowed, and spoke in passable, though oddly-accented German. “Good afternoon, Lady. I am here to speak with the lady of the house, regarding her request for a guard for the daughter of the house. Would you be so kind as to conduct me to her?” He ducked his head deferentially, but smiled nonetheless. “I would be quite indebted to you, if you would do so.”

Her face fell when the man at the gate spoke, and for a brief moment, she cursed her mother in her head. Piecing together what he had said because of the little English she spoke, she was able to give him in answer within a few extra seconds.
Ich — ❞ She began, pointing at her chest, indicating herself.
am die — daughter of die Haus. Mother ist upstairs, ❞ Raven said as she pointed up towards the ceiling.
drinking und nah- napping. ❞
She began to reach for the keys on the shelf to unlock the gate and let him in.

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"I can see that… don’t even need to be a detective either. As for being allowed to visit me… even if I said you weren’t, since when has another ever been able to say what you can and cannot do? You’re like me, in that way. We’ve always done what we wanted… no matter how different those things are.", Bruce replied quietly, calmly, after a long pause in which he considered her words, eyes, and gesture to come closer. Within, he wanted nothing more then to go to her… and he knew he would, regardless of how cautious he felt having her appear like this. It was one of the few things he could not have predicted… her coming back. Much as he hated to admit it, he had mostly given her up for either dead, or that she would never return. It had helped him cope, since she left. His armor existed in him as a shield, ready for anything… but he, Batman really, intended to give her enough rope to strangle herself with, at least if that was her intention, to try using him in some way. Like before. He opted not to bring up his bitterness, or their past… not here and now at least, and instead focused on the present, as though he had merely talked to her the other day. Slowly, taking his time, he walked over to the desk, not taking his eyes off her… and rounding it, he stood before her and his chair she occupied. He took her scaly hand into his own instinctively, tenderly, and he pressed his lips softly to the back of it, kissing it, before lowering it again, but not releasing it. He intertwined his fingers with hers, his relaxed cool eyes giving little to nothing away… but his actions meant to indicate, she had him for the evening. Who was he kidding? No matter how much Batman mistrusted her, with damn good reasons, he, Bruce, would always care about her in some form or another. It had taken him some time to come to terms with that, but finally, he had. It was just who he was… no matter how evil her actions could be, he couldn’t give up on her, on trying to help her get better. He alone could handle the danger she brought with her… and despite their fights, and the tensions… there had been good, and fun times, in which he had been able to relax, and actually trust her. Crazy as that sounded. He wasn’t yet sure if this was another of those time’s… but, he was willing to give her a chance… he always seemed to be.

"You know from experience my thoughts and feelings on biting, the reaction it draws from me, Raven. By all means, if that’s what you wish to do. Among any other thing that might have brought you here. Above all, however… you were indeed missed."


She was grateful that he didn’t fight against her, physically, verbally, or mentally. He didn’t put up any fight, which for her, was a step in the right direction. Her yellow eyes flickered from her hand, watching him kiss it, back up to his eyes, and she fully allowed him to do so. She had even taken an extra step in standing up, and allowing him to have his chair. It might not have meant a lot to him, or even anything at all, given it was his chair, but this was, in one way or another, Mystique giving in, getting up, and stepping on her pride to allow him to sit where she was sitting.

You were missed as well. There were many occasions in Germany where you had crossed my mind, ❞ She spoke smoothly. Of course, though, that could have meant anything —- — was he here? Did he find her? Was he trying to find her? But she came to the conclusion that she was just paranoid, especially because of SHIELD.

Before moving any further, she had kissed him, her hand, as an instinct, cradling the side of his face. It was rather quick, and somewhat teasing as the blue mutant pulled away a few seconds later, leaving him waiting for another. 

I’ve sorted out a lot in Germany, though when I came back to the states, my past began to catch up with me. I imagine you know what that’s like, ❞ She explained quietly, fingering his tie and adjusting it here and there to make it look neater, as if that was even possible. 

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In Close Neighborhood


Gloved hands raised in innocence and openness. 
"I have no quarrel with you, nor do I wish to harm you." Lenz spoke with sincerity. "It is rather peculiar to see a woman of your beauty and demeanor roaming the town." He said. "You are new hear, aren’t you?" He asked. He bowed regardless, hat tipping to her. "I am Earl Lenz Steinbacher, and it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, and to welcome you to our fair town…" He stated. The title tended to get him in trouble with ruffians of them, but his instincts usually led him well for when to reveal his true title. 

Well, Earl —- — unless you’re offering me a place to stay, you’re wasting my time. My beauty and demeanor doesn’t work with married men when they’re wives are home. Do you see my problem? ❞
Convincing a married man when he was home alone was not even considered a challenge to Raven, but due to the fact most wives were home at this time of night left her no choice. 
She smelled no strong scent of alcohol, and paid attention to his speech to find no slurs. So he wasn’t drunk —- — - just a wanderer? 
Raven. I’m a consulting detective that’s currently traveling. And yes, I am new. ❞

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     ” Something I can help you with by chance? I’m sort of looking for something to keep myself busy with. “

You’re young —- — - I’m sure you can find something to do. Unless you wanna get your hands dirty. ❞

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His pace was rather quick, so he had expected her to slip up, perhaps, by walking faster to keep up. However, during his walk, he saw almost no one. He was a bit confused, to say the least, but what could he do? Regardless, he made it to the hotel he had mentioned. Although it was more of a motel, the place was nice enough. It, at least according to the sigh, had every amenity a place to stay should in the current day and age. With a slight hum coming from his lips, one that repeated a slow and sad song, the massive man unlocked a door, leading into a rather unsuspicious room- except for one detail. He had way too many bags for things to be reasonable, with his luggage consisting of 2 average cases, likely filled with clothes, and 4 massive duffle bags, filled to the point of ripping open.

"Well, here it is. Home sweet home. Satisfied?" He asked, althoug he knew not if someone was there. If she was, then she would hear. If not- well, no one could hear him anyway.

Mystique waited a few long minutes, surveying around the room quickly as a fly. The only thing that made her question him was the duffle bags, but she figured if she were to leave now, she’d wonder what was in those bags. In a matter of seconds, the fly expanded, and about a foot up in the air, she dropped down onto the ground and slid into a chair.

Very, ❞ She said dryly, rolling her yellow, pupil-less eyes and taking a better look at the room now that she was in her natural form. Her foot patted the ground, hands crossed in her lap as if she was waiting for him to say something.
Your coat was very comfortable, ❞ Mystique commented eerily.

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"Why do you think I’m here?"


                 “To pester me. I am more than sure
                   that is the reason why.”

Yes —- — -
   Didn’t you know that
   was my life long goal ?

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"I trusted you!"



Send me one of the following . . . 

You must have been real desperate in order to do that.
   And to be perfectly honest, Bucky, I’m not that surprised. ❞

❝ Well, maybe it’d serve me well if I were to pack up my things and become a eunuch… But, let’s be honest here —- I think I’m too far in at this point to try reevaluating my career paths. ❞


❝ Well, let’s just say, this is a bit of a little free lance detour… So as far as they’re concerned, I’m working on my tan in Malibu. — Well, let’s just say, that imagination comes in handy in more ways than one. —- Wait this wasn’t a date? Oh you’re breaking my heart! So go ahead and take the wheel Jesus! ❞

You don’t think they sent someone to Malibu to check on you? ❞ 
She raised a brow as she peeked out from their small hideout before deciding now was the perfect time to strike. Moving stealthily like water, she made her skin darker, so that she could blend in easier with the dark sky that was gradually washing over the field. She had even glanced back to make sure Bucky was still on her tail.
Before entering the building, two guards were curious as to what the two figures were up to, and began walking towards them with their guns in their arms, their green suits all too familiar.

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"Really. I’m in the area for a mission. That’s all. Didn’t even know you were here."


What mission? ❞

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